KGF Entering Metaverse

5 min readApr 6, 2022

The ever popular KGF movie franchise enters the next phase of fan empowerment with the launch of its own exclusive metaverse. Set with exclusive token based access, unique NFT avatars, assets and gameverse, The KGFverse’s roadmap to becoming India’s first true metaverse is as exciting as it gets.

“In the world, wherever gold is found, it’s found by chance!”- El Dorado.

In the Chapter-1 of El Dorado, Rocky had conquered the KGF, without avoiding his tryst with ‘Violence’. With Chapter 2 Rocky is rewarding his fans by distributing the ‘Real Gold’ from KGF in the form of unique ‘NFTs’ to make his fans the ‘Powerful’ OGs of the KGF universe.

Rocky bhai has broken the barriers of reality and virtuality by creating a digital domain called ‘KGFVerse’ which democratises the way fan engagement is possible with the franchise.

KGFverse is India’s first true metaverse, which is a digitally created virtual universe where you can take on the role of any character or choose your own avatar. The metaverse enables you to take on a virtual identity, and to create your own unique digital history by meeting and engaging with individuals from different parts of the world, joining and creating virtual communities, playing games, and a lot more.

KGFverse, a persistent virtual space, will be your window into the metaverse, and the possibilities can only be imagined.

In KGFverse you can don an avatar of Rocky Bhai which will enable you to rule the badlands of KGF, or you can don an avatar of Garuda and become the kingpin of ‘Narachi’. For fans of the KGF film franchise, the objective is to encourage the audience to create a series of games and virtual environments that will allow KGF chapters to expand into the Web3 powered metaverse.

The mythical golden city of El-Dorado is the foundation of the Movie and interestingly this is the ‘Token’ to enter into the KGFverse. By owning the token of the El-Dorado book, fans and enthusiasts would obtain access and membership to the KGFverse. The KGFverse membership would offer users access to numerous avatars, accessories, and land parcels from the film, in the form of Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs).

Fans will be able to own only 10,000 NFTs of the El Dorado Book which will be the access pass to KGFverse. The mint price of each NFT will be 7 MATIC. The sale will go live on April 7th, 2022, exclusively on Movies@Lysto. To purchase the NFT tokens mentioned on Lysto, fans will need MATIC (Polygon) cryptocurrency. The MetaMask Wallet or MM will be used to purchase and manage the token and should also include additional Matic currency for the Gas fee.

This KGFverse is being created through the efforts of Hombale Films, striving towards creating a space to enable the fans to interact with elements of both chapters of KGF in the metaverse.

The Story

“The KGF is not about violence, attitude, power or money. It is about a son’s promise to his dying mother……”

K.G.F is an incredible story of a boy named Rocky’s ambition to rule the world. His dying mother made him promise that “Give me your word,I don’t know how you will survive, but when you die, you will be the most powerful man”. Rocky’s mind was influenced and conditioned by his environment that he wants money (in high denomination notes) instead of begging for coins(which could not save his mother), for that he should have the ultimate power in his hands. The success and widespread acceptance of the KGF film franchise has not only made it a pan-Indian blockbuster but also created a worldwide impact on the global audience.

What benefits do I get by buying an El-Dorado Member token ?

The tokenised ‘El-Dorado’ book is a digital ticket to gain entry into the gated collection of KGFverse with access to future Next generation avatar drops, KGFverse Land sale, special events involving real life meet-up and interactions with the KGF team.

There will only be a maximum of 10,000 KGFverse membership tokens (El-Dorado NFTs) sold during the launch period. This is followed by 10000 exclusive Rocky avatars NFTs. Avatar NFTs could give unique advantages in any future games, while the membership token will be the key to KGFverse.

Right now KGFverse has 3 different avatars NFTs of Rocky. Their rare Rocky avatar called ‘Narachi Rocky’ are only 100 in number and the remaining 2 avatars, ‘Bombay Rocky’ and ‘Toofan Rocky’ are equal i.e. 4950 each.

Of the 10,000 Rocky Avatar NFTs, 2,000 will be airdropped to lucky holders of El-dorado membership token holders, who will be selected randomly. Another 2,000 Avatar NFTs will be given out to supporters across various media channels including Twitter and Discord, and to winners of exciting contests. Follow KGFverse on our social media channels to be notified.

The remaining 6000 of the Rocky avatars, some of which will be rarest of the rare, will be put on sale in future on KGFverse. The members who will own the ‘El-Dorado’ token will get special benefits during future avatar sales.. The members of KGFverse may also have exclusive chances for future airdrops.

The future also entails a unified and interoperable space through developing a KGFverse-native video game capability that will allow you to own,play,create and rule a virtual space inside KGFverse. You can also own the 1969 Ford Mustang Rocky bhai is riding in the Chapter 2 through in-game NFT’s and use it in the planned mini and main game release in the future.

Roadmap- “He who plans to visit the Metaverse finds out about it! He who comes to rule the Metaverse! Informs the Metaverse about who he is!” — Rocky


Rocky bhai’s missions are going on but KGFverse is just getting started. The fanverse community built through this will become the army of Rocky bhai’s digital endeavours. The KGFverse is being created by the Hombale Group, the makers of the KGF franchise. The digital event management is handled by Bookmyshow with gaming focused web3 startup Lysto as tech partner.

When Rocky was young he had decided that he would become a brand. It is about time we ape into the brand of Rocky bhai !.




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